Dear Fellow Justice Seekers,

RE: My heartfelt appeal to you – help to end 3 decades of hurt and conjecture

I sincerely thank you for visiting this website. It is my goal to convince you to help this E-petition Campaign to flourish so that Parliament in Westminster will act.

I have spent 3 decades pursing this justice for my late mother so she may get dignity in death, finally rest in peace and that closure is in sight. Each day for the last 29 years I have questioned myself if there is such a thing as real Justice at all? Across these years I have tried to make the case for the miscarriage of justice that incorrectly reigns unchallenged.

Kishni Mahay was killed as a result of being knocked down by a speeding police patrol car that was not driven to the favourable conditions of the road ahead (my mother was on a pedestrian crossing at the exact time of the unlawful fatality). The subsequent police investigation coupled with the post mortem examination report and the eventual Inquest Hearing proved to be a telegraphed assortment of distorted facts, the climax being a grotesque character assassination that my mother was an acute alcoholic to the extent her liver was ridden with Cirrhosis?

The investigation was simply full of fabricated inaccuracies, where the moral compass was mislaid, police culpability and incriminating evidence was suppressed (I had presented the alternative facts to the West Midlands Police in December 2008 as part of my 3 hour comprehensive presentation which proved to be vastly and worryingly futile).

I have no doubt that the evidence amassed substantiates that a police cover-up was executed and key entities that commandeered the investigation were complicit in their pursuit of a desired outcome and Inquest Hearing Verdict. Our only mandate is to fill the massive void where Justice should unconditionally reside for all to see. There can only be one Law, one Truth leading to one Justice.

On August 2015 I had delivered (by hand) an all-inclusive Justice Campaign Fact Dossier to the Prime Minister, David Cameron at 10 Downing Street in the hope that he will kindly afford me a meeting to reach a rightful conclusion, regrettably no favourable reply was rendered.

I hope that you will appraise the information on this website and sign the E-petition then be empowered to use your Social-Media platforms to forward this Justice Campaign to your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues. The time-window of 6 months is allowed to get the required amount of signatures:

100,000 signatures to prompt a debate within Parliament (House of Commons)

If you would like any additional information or further clarity on this Justice Campaign then please contact me. Please help to re-write history so that Kishni Mahay’s death will be freed from an indefinite conjecture as the truth is exposed albeit 3 decades later.

Please do not turn your back on the Mahay family in this crucial phase of the Justice Campaign. I personally will be forever indebted to you for this immense generosity and support you afford me.


Raj Mahay

(Son of the deceased, Key Witness and Justice Campaign Co-ordinator)

P.S. Please use your Social Media platforms to forward the E-Petition